Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


One of the most important parts of marketing is Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO. It is a method that needs a lot of patience and time as It is a continuous process. Our site’s success depends on how well the SEO strategies are going. It’s a process of making improvements to get more audiences on our website. The optimization will be for both the search engine and the site’s audience. One question that comes to the mind of everyone’s, how does SEO work? 

So SEO provides the best outcomes based on multiple factors like how the content is written and implemented in code as well as how we are connected to other websites across the internet. Search Engine is more likely to trust a connection if it originates from well-respected or industry-related sources such as industry-leading blogs, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Implementation of the keyword SEO will also help place our site above the competitors. Keywords are a key part of SEO. Keywords are search phrases in search engines that people use. Lots of research has to be done to find the correct keyword. Keyword research is an important part of SEO, it helps us to understand what people on the search engine are typing and looking for. There are 3 import variables to remember before selecting our keyword: relevance, amount of search, and competition. 

Keywords should accurately represent the nature of the following products and services. The main purpose of the search engine is to give relevant results to the audience. 

The number of searches for a specific keyword should also be kept in mind before selecting the keyword. Many tools can be used to get these data like MOZ Keyword, Word stream, and SEMrush Keyword.

A keyword that has less competition and can be easily ranked by the search engine should be used. For example, a word like “car” would have more competition than the word “Maruti 800 car.”

Data and Stats about SEO 2020

According to the impact

  • Google’s search algorithm ranks websites using more than 200 factors. 
  •  Over 75% of all global mobile search traffic in 2019 (to date) was accounted for by Google, led by Bing 9.97%, Baidu 9.34%, and Yahoo 2.77%. 
  •  On the first page alone, 67.60 percent of all clicks contribute to the first five organic results.
  • This year Google got nearly 2.3 trillion searches.

According to 99firms

  •  The SEO industry is expected to hit $80bn.
  • If done correctly, SEO can drive a conversion rate of 14.6 percent.
  •  Search engines drive shopping sites 10 times more traffic than social media.
  • If there is a video on the first page of the website, there is a 53% more chance of showing up on the first page of google.

According to Safari digital

  •  Four more words are included in 50 percent of all organic search queries.
  • 56 percent of companies allocate less than a quarter of their marketing budget to building links.
  • In Google search results, 70 percent of searches go to organic, with 30 percent going to AdWords.


I hope you got a quick understanding of SEO. SEO is nothing more than a process of making our website appear in the search engine at the top of the list. And for our platform to attract a wide audience. It’s a big part of the business, it helps us stand above the competitors. To attract more and to reach various audiences, SEO is really important. As I currently work on a website, I came to know how important SEO is to reach the audience. That’s the reason for choosing this topic.



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