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The main theme of this socio-psychological theory is ‘why can’t we just turn back. Turnback to not lookout for more, turn back to where we formerly are, to not take a step ahead in this chaotic world where confusion ensues with every step we take and be with the person who all these combined mysterious forces send to us in the first place.

And not to wonder whether the person we have been with is the right choice because, to me, that wondering in itself blurs the line between satisfaction and sadness.

One of the vague notion that our society believes in…is to always seek out for more. So we in this cruel world start off our journey of continuously finding the right person without knowing the repercussions of this journey…only desiring that the light at the end of the tunnel is beautiful. In this way we turn our back to the person on whom when we are together with…we complete each other and create an utterly unbreakable bond.

The one thing I understand till this moment is that…we in this world-whatever our character, whatever our flaws, still we’ll be able to impress at least one person in our life or more when stakes are at our side. It is the choices available or perhaps the quest to want more that drives our attention to look out for more – a better one…somehow better than the previous one, which diminishes our view from the one who is there to give love without expecting anything in return. 

Why not just halt and go back to the person with whom when you coalesce with-you are always cherished and prospers forever after. Because when this societal vagueness of wanting more leaves our mind like the leaves of a tree in the autumn season…melancholic winter of remorse appears as a result. And we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere. I think-that miserable consequence implodes us with rage. Why would some other person have to suffer all of our hidden wraths? 

Of course, there are times when moving on is the best thing to do. To go forward like a free spirit and choose a soul mate[only after giving up to some extent some of our extravagant desires and to adjust with what the world has to offer ]. It is an invitation to various bodies of this majestic world, to find a body with which we could ultimately connect our soul.   

So as of turning back-people have to
take a leap of faith, to believe that 
the road they had taken is not of their 
choice but of God's. It is the only rightful
path in which you can find a soul which
is also consciously send to us by God.


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